Weyland Pharmaceuticals

• To explain to current situation in terms of business impact, opportunities and business alignment (internal & stakeholders)
• To draft a short framework on the key actions, proposed governance process and strategic drives such as leadership engagement, risk mitigation and simplification. 

• Prepare a short business case to explain the approach technique, Process analytics, Cost benefit analysis and methodical deployment. Use whatever tools to summarize the study (PPT or Other Apps) to further elaborate on the corrective measures, risk mitigation, governance process and support required from internal and external stakeholders.

Case Specifics:
• You represent the Procurement Leader in a large Mainstream Pharmaceutical Organization (Weyland Pharmaceuticals) where currently there is a significant investment in building a new manufacturing plant. The plant will produce different variants all of which represent high value and importance in the market. The company is already a market leader in its segment and time is of great essence to get the new plant up and running.

• Your Job is to seek the best available market options in terms of:
o Capital Equipment Procurement
o Raw Materials & Pack Materials
o Establish the project network activities
o Build the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership Model): including Purchase Costs, Acquisition Costs, Usage Costs and End of life costs.
o Analyze the Industry Cost Profile: Direct Material, Direct Labour, Manufacturing Overheads and COGS
o Capture all the relevant information on the suppliers, Price Disciplines, long term agreements.

o Budget: €200m
o 3 Companies listed
o Timeline 13 months
o All new lines and machines (10 machines), but same RM/PM
o You will present to the board on the different Supplier options and your recommendations including the detailed implementation plan (include analysis of the proposals received, cash/cost strategic management, supplier integration, service, quality, sustainability and partnerships).

*** Please try to summarize as much as possible, as this will be presented as a Powerpoint Presentation (Maximum 10 Pages) 

Weyland Pharmaceuticals is a fast-growing pharmaceutical company that is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of pharmaceutical products globally. The company is a market leader that has consolidated its position through ardent innovation, continuous improvement, and strategic leadership (Albrecht et al. 56). The company is ranked first in the United Kingdom (UK) based on market share and domestic sales of pharmaceutical products. The company is involved in the production and marketing of drugs in all major therapeutic areas including cardiology, diabetes, oncology, gynecology, pain and analgesics, vitamins, minerals, and food supplements. Owing to the company’s rapid growth over the past decade, it has become necessary to move production activities to a bigger facility. This paper will (a) evaluate the current situation in terms of business impact, opportunities, and business alignment of internal and external stakeholders (b) draft a short framework on the key actions, proposed governance process and strategic drives such as leadership engagement, risk mitigation and simplification.

Part 1

Environmental Analysis. Organizations exist and operate within the context of an internal and external environment. An optimal balance of internal and external factors is critical to the success of the business.

The internal environment refers to factors that are within the company’s control such as employees, innovation process, leadership, and corporate culture. External environment refers to factors beyond the direct control of an organization such as politics, regulation, and technological advancements (Denton 45). Environmental factors that affect the operation of an organization can be evaluated and planned for using SWOT and PESTEL analysis. These managerial tools allow organizations to evaluate their operational environment.

SWOT Evaluation

The SWOT is an incredibly simple tool that examines the internal operating conditions of a business. It allows the management to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect the business. Weyland Pharmaceuticals is affected by the following SWOT conditions;

Strengths.1. The United Kingdom has a mature pharmaceutical industry with an adequate manufacturing base and capacity to produce drugs

2. The United Kingdom is home to high quality academic institutions that churn our highly qualified graduates to work in the medical and pharmaceutical industry…

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