What Drives Your Behavior When You Purchase A Product Writing Essay Homework Help

While you are reflecting on our INITIAL posting (“Persuaders”) and as you read this week’s chapters, consider – as a consumer – what drives your behavior when you purchase a product.  Tie your answer to what our author shares in this week’s assigned reading.

Look at the various factors that might have MOST influenced your decision-making process when you made a major purchase; how does our author’s thinking suggest what might have reeeeeeeeeeally — UPON YOUR DEEP AND PERSONAL REFLECTION — tended to impact your decision-making process the most, based on what you read relative to consumer behavior? 

Don’t just say “the price”.  That’s too much of a surface answer and doesn’t demonstrate application of our Kotler/Armstrong text.  Besides, there likely isn’t anyone in our course, instructor included, who doesn’t consider the price in one way or another.  You already knew that coming into the course.  🙂 

Your postings demonstrate greater substantive content when they reflect application of what our authors share — please link your thinking to our text, which helps others to learn.  How do Kotler/Armstrong’s perspectives get you thinking? 🙂

In addition, as you look at how marketers attempt to woo you with their siren song, what ramification does that factor have that you have identified as you respond to the TDA#1 question?

Let’s see your critical thinking on this one! 🙂

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