what was an important legacy of world war II. describe politics and social impact of that legacy in a specific time and place

World War II transformed and changed the World compared to great extremes than any other human-made historical event in history. It restructured economies’ engineered political regimes and configured the social climate that people thrive in today. The horrors and impacts are immeasurable and in the political, economic, and social revolution/upheavals that characterized the aftermath of World War II.

Approximately 70 to 85 million military and civil servants lost their lives before World War II. According to the United States statistics bureau, this number accounts for 3% of the World’s population. Furthermore, many people were maimed, injured, disabled, and a significant percent of others suffering in agony due to the loss of their family members.  As a result, the social burden dramatically affected the Government’s social spending to cater to the needs of the veterans’ families (Herbert). That has become an enormous burden post-world II era. The heightened ravaging wars caused mass destruction of property, businesses that were the primary sources of livelihoods for many people in the western countries. Post-war studies convincingly argue that the social impacts of World War II unfolded in two dimensions.

Firstly, the war altered the social spending trajectory that caused an economic tailspin in the historical period of the Golden age 1945-1980. During this period, European governments allocated a lot of funds to meet the needs of the cruelties of war that had culminated in disabilities, injuries, an extensive pool of surviving dependents of the veterans participating in the war…..

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