Why Elephants rarely get Cancer

The article titled “Why Elephants rarely get Cancer,” was published on the 8th of October,2015 in the Science Daily. The text was obtained from material provided at the University of Utah Health Sciences. The study involved the collaboration of various bodies including the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Ringling Bros, Arizona State University, University of Utah, and Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Dr. Joshua Schiffman, a Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Pediatric Oncologist in Utah University and the Primary Childrens’ Hospital, is the co-senior author of the research. The Collaborating investigators include Carlo Marley, Lisa Abegglen, Kristy Lee, Ashley Chann, Rosann Robinson, Shane Jensen, Peter Waddell, and Aleah Caulin. Other contributors include Eric Peterson, Dennis Schmitt, Wendy Kiso, and Craig Dinsmore.  

The investigation revolves around finding out why it is unusual for elephants to get cancer, in spite of the many cells as compared to human beings….

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