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Researching the Issue Instructions

The Rhetorical Situation

For this paper, you will research the controversy, surrounding your issue by describing its history and

summarizing at least two different positions on the issue or problem. Begin this paper with this in mind,

I should know where you stand and why you want to even put in your time with this problem. Why do YOU


Before people can think of a solution to a problem, they must know the history of the controversy and

the range of positions available.

Paragraph one/introduction:

1. I want to know some background information on your issue, so draft detailed and elaborate

answers to the following questions:

• State the issue

• What caused the issue?

• What prompted your interest in it?

• Who is interested in the issue and why besides yourself?

Paragraph two/body paragraph of one point of view:

2. Your audience will also want to know the current, major positions on the issue, so draft

descriptions and summaries of 2 different positions or points of view. This is where you will

need to research and use Google Scholar or our college library database. Description 1 of pt of

view 1 to include:

• summary

• What are the main claims of those who advocate this position?

• What reasons do they provide for those claims?

• What evidence do they use to support their reasons?

• An assumption is a point an author doesn’t even try to prove. Rather than proving the

assumption, the author simply assumes it is true. So, what assumptions underlie their

arguments for position 1 if there are any?

Paragraph 3/2nd body paragraph of the second point of view: repeat above

Paragraph 4/Conclusion: Finally, you should highlight the relationship between the two positions

you’ve described by answering the following questions:

• On what points do advocates of these positions agree, and on what points do they disagree?

• What are the reasons for disagreement?

• Restate why anyone should care about this problem/issue.

Other Requirements

Your paper should be at minimum 2,5 pages… It should be double-spaced,

typed in Times New

Roman font, with 12-point

character size and one-inch

margins all the way around

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