Write A Essay From 500bce To 1500bce

From 500 to 1500, world history was marked both by Encounters which connected civilizations/cultures together and by Traditions which often reinforced the exceptional qualities of civilizations/cultures.

Using the language of traditions and encounters and/or that of connections/exceptions, explain and critically examine at least four thematic areas of world history from 500 to 1500.

A critical point to remember is that the human past is a confluence of agency and determinism.  Be mindful of this both as you choose your four areas and as you examine them.

Themes of the four areas might include, but are not limited to honor, religion-faith, health-disease, war, technology, communication and the environment.  Some will exemplify connectedness more than exceptionalism and vice versa, but when possible, you should stress aspects of both. 

Please write about 700 words, a completely essay. The following powerpoint is important to look through and please make sure you accept all of  the powerpoint from overview of world history to renaissance conclusion.       Thanks!                                                                       

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