Writing about Comparisons and Contrasts” read the writing prompt of the second bullet point: “In an email to a friend, you might compare and contrast…”. Be sure to read the prompt closely as it specifically explains what it is that you are to compare and contrast


Romantic comedy is a movie that is centered on love in a light and humorous way. A comparison and contrast approach is used to distinguish the relationship between two objects, situations or items.  Comparison and contrast of romantic comedies portray how they relate to each other, and additionally distinguish the two comedies. The essay compares and contrasts two romantic comedies namely the ‘Trainwreck’ and ‘She’s funny that way’. An approach to comparison and contrast is applied to show the relationship between the movies and their attributes. It distinguishes the similarities of the two romantic comedies and their differences. In addition, the article interprets the two comedies, portraying the factors that distinguish them.


The plot of the movie shows a lady whose parents divorced after her father’s disloyalty to her mother (Lemire). Since her dad had convinced her that monogamy isn’t practical, magazine essayist Amy has made wantonness her philosophy. As she grows up, she declares to prove her father right by sleeping around, smoking and drinking irresponsibly (Lemire). As she pens a profile about prolific sports doctor, Aaron Conners, she falls in love with him. Additionally, the doctor appears to like her too. Amy begins to think about whether it’s a great opportunity to get it together (Lemire). Nonetheless, her wild lifestyle does not negatively affect her career as she lands a high profile job with a prestigious magazine.

She’s Funny That Way

The movie depicts a wedded Broadway executive, Arnold, beseeches a youthful whore named Izzy, who longs for turning into an on-screen character (Kenny)….

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