Youare Studying An Alzheimer Chemistry Homework Help

Youare studying an Alzheimer’s brain protein for Dr. Durrant which is a tauprotein.  It is believed to have a massbetween 55,000 and 62,000 g/mol.  Youhave been given the task of determining its actual molecular mass.  If you assume a mass of 58,500 g/mol, andwere to dissolve 5.00 mg in 1.00 mL water, calculate the freezing pointdepression of this solution, boiling point elevation of this solution, thevapor pressure change (from 23.76 Torr at 25°C) for the solution, the osmotic pressurefor the solution, and the height of a column of water corresponding to thisosmotic pressure.  Which method would youuse to experimentally determine the molecular mass of this polymer, and why?

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