Youth Volunteering

Youth volunteering refers to an activity in which the youth spend time in doing activities that benefit individuals, communities and the environment without expecting payment.  Volunteerism is characterized by three factors namely lack of payment, participation through an act of free will, and engaging in activities that benefit other people. Today, volunteerism has become an important part of teen culture involving the participation of a vast number of the teenagers aged between 12 and 17 years. Moreover, the reinforcement of teen involvement in community activities is encouraged by institutions such as schools, where they are required to participate in such activities to graduate. Additionally, teen music such as Larger than Life by the Backstreet Boys also encourages giving back to the community.
The contributions of teens to the communities within which they live has several advantages. First, it changes the communities’ perception of these young people (Verzemnieka 19). Volunteering helps in erasing the notion that the teens are bad kids, thus, helping them prove their worth to the community. One of the kids interviewed stated that “A lot of people think we are a big group of bad kids and half of us aren’t like that at all. It is one way to prove that”…

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